Who We Are

                                Recover today and move forward with life!

Pivot Point’s Mission is to help our residents stay connected with God (Higher Power), promote faith, trust in themselves, and reconnect with day to day living.  Holding our residents accountable while encouraging independence.   


Our Vision is to strive to be engaged with life, and empowered to be amazing contributors in all aspects of life. Get busy Living!

We hold our residents accountable while encouraging independence.  We provide an environment that is safe, comfortable, peaceful, promotes success and well-being.  A place where it is possible to find inner strength, inner peace, harmony, and balance. Happiness and fun are vital to recovery.


Short Term Goals

·       To provide affordable sober housing and a safe, productive environment for 

        men or women in recovery

·       Support our residents in attaining and maintaining individual goals while sustaining

        stable housing

·       Help create a smooth transition from institutions, treatment centers, etc.… to

        independent living

Long Term Goals

·       To create additional sober living homes in order to meet the needs in our community

·       Support residents in this vital part of their recovery by creating a sense of meaning 

        and purpose through continued outreach via various Recovery communities and


·       To help ensure stability, promote empowerment, and provide structure and housing

        conducive to long term recovery


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